Thursday, July 3, 2008

Conclave 34

October 9-11, 2009
Sanctuary Press will once again host a SF/F Writing Workshop with program content each day of the convention. This workshop is open to NEW or UNPUBLISHED genre fiction writers. We're happy to introduce up to eight new writers into SF/F writing, critique, networking and publishing.

After Sept 17, please use WALK-IN SUBMISSIONS guidelines detailed in the FAQ.

Send a completed second draft of your short story or novel excerpt to as an RTF attachment. All manuscripts should be of a Prose Speculative Fiction genre, no longer than 5000 words, and must be received by Midnight EST on SEPTEMBER 17, 2009. For rapid processing, ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS ONLY will be accepted.

Submissions should be SHORT STORY or NOVEL EXCERPTS (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror). Excerpts of a novel should ideally be the first complete chapters. We request second draft quality works because a rewrite is generally the goal and happy result of a good workshop. A second draft is a spell-checked and proofread draft.All writers should be new and unpublished.
All submitters are expected to attend the full weekend* of the convention. These events offer preregistration, which we strongly recommend.

*(Please write the workshop moderators using if this is a problem due to travel.)

Submission Requirements

Word length:5000 words maximum. Because we accept electronic submissions, the workshop has several technical guidelines, along with the requirement that the submission be in Standard Format.

Submission message:Writer's contact info i.e. legal name, mail address, email address and telephone number MUST accompany every submission. If you are writing under a pen name, use it in the manuscript but inform us of this in your submission email.One paragraph or fifty words of writer's info may be included in the BODY of the submission email. Please inform us if you are under 18 years of age.

Format:Your submission should ideally be a Rich Text (RTF) format document, in Courier New type 12 pt. Your submission should be a complete document which is attached to your submission email message, and not be part of the message body.

Line width:70 characters. Any blockquote items (verse or incantation) should be fully justified instead of left-justified, with a line width of up to 60 characters.

Spacing:Double spacing only. Do not add a second line between paragraphs.Paragraphs:Indent all paragraphs with three to five spaces. Blockquoted paragraphs are completely indented five additional spaces right. Turn off 'Orphan control' if it is offered, to make wordcount per page approximations more accurate.

Chapter/section breaks:Section breaks can be denoted by a centered 'pound sign' # on its own line.

Emphasis:Emphasis is denoted ONLY by underlining. All caps emphasis and bold or italic type is not permitted.

Page numbering:If your RTF editor does not support automatic page numbering, DO NOT add page numbers manually.Standard Format is the industry-accepted form taken by written manuscripts.

We suggest visiting William Shunn's Writing Format example online.

Submitters, refer to the FAQ post for this convention. Submission guidelines and news of the workshop will appear here as it is made available.

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